Entry #1

Redisign Opinions.

2007-07-19 12:51:45 by On-yX

This Redisign is...

Pretty good, BUT:

- Is it just me, or does it lag? And when you Click on "Other Audio/Flash submissions by User" It doesn't respond...

- I was confused when I first came on, It was all over the place. I think the design made my eyes go
weird or something. Anyone else had this Problem?

Bad things Outta the way now. I think I'll comment on some nicer things :D

- The Audio Visualisations are a great idea, when you listen to a song, at least you have something to watch xD

- New Stat Logos. So shiny and new! More Things to Go, "OoooOoo, I wanna be that level" at.

- New Auras. I personally like Dark :P Evil + Fab are a good idea, brings out the personality in you.

- Background. Not that boring dull grey colour. Its all 'Chrome' and 'Shiny' now :P

- Special Flash View. I'm liking this :D It makes it feel like a Cinema!

- Audio Portal. You can choose what songs to listen to, or have the option to turn it off, Sweet!

- And last of all, Siggys. These are a lot better, since they are wider. You can fit more stuff on em now!

Feel free to post Comments and Opinions.

"Peace Out."

Redisign Opinions.


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2007-07-19 13:02:19


On-yX responds:



2007-07-19 13:03:28

Check out the news buddy :-)

Right now everything may be a little laggy.. but that's because thee servers are still full of crap. I hope you get to like the new lay-out.. I think it's a big step forward :-)

(Updated ) On-yX responds:

Same xD I understand about bugs and stuff, I think they should have kept it a little longer to make sure everything is Ok :P


2007-07-19 14:06:28

Lag is only temporary.
Anyway... hi :)

On-yX responds:

Hi :D


2007-07-19 14:10:48


On-yX responds:

...Blah blah.


2007-07-19 14:38:51

I really like the design =)
Yeah, there's a bug bugs here and there and it's a bit laggy but I think it's a great new look. Really interactive and fun. I prefer it to the old layout whatever the case :] It allows Newgrounds to function as a community website, as well as one that people can view just for the movies/games/audio without having to worry about the community side of it ;)

That's my ramble for the day anyways ;D

On-yX responds:

Yeah, I love this new design, but Its just the vote system, you can 5 your own work once a day. How are you gonna know the best things if everything is voted 5?


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