Yeeeah, I've got a new song right here :D Its called FutureBa§§ and wow, What a song! Its my best one yet, and its got a nice jazzy part in the middle :]

Seriously, Check this one out!!!

PS, Its drum n bass :P

What do ya think this Audio?

2007-08-24 13:09:58 by On-yX

{OX} Slip Stream
is my new song, probably one of my best, since I'm only good at chilled out dnb.

Please leave reviews and stuff if you have the time, Thanks!

New Song

2007-08-15 11:41:32 by On-yX

Happy Trance Song is the new song

HELL better than my first trance song, so check it out please :]

I like reviews too

New Song!

2007-08-11 13:01:34 by On-yX

Electrokinesis Is my new song,
If you have the chance, check it out please :D

Its my first trance-ish song, and I kinda didn't know what to call it. Ah well.

See ya

Some now Song(s)

2007-08-06 10:24:16 by On-yX

Just Uploaded a new song:
~On-yX~ Experimental

Its Dark and creepy, reminds me of an intense scene in a film or something :P

Listen to it and review, I want to know if its good or whatever. :P

And if you get the chance, check out my audio page for other songs.


Redisign Opinions.

2007-07-19 12:51:45 by On-yX

This Redisign is...

Pretty good, BUT:

- Is it just me, or does it lag? And when you Click on "Other Audio/Flash submissions by User" It doesn't respond...

- I was confused when I first came on, It was all over the place. I think the design made my eyes go
weird or something. Anyone else had this Problem?

Bad things Outta the way now. I think I'll comment on some nicer things :D

- The Audio Visualisations are a great idea, when you listen to a song, at least you have something to watch xD

- New Stat Logos. So shiny and new! More Things to Go, "OoooOoo, I wanna be that level" at.

- New Auras. I personally like Dark :P Evil + Fab are a good idea, brings out the personality in you.

- Background. Not that boring dull grey colour. Its all 'Chrome' and 'Shiny' now :P

- Special Flash View. I'm liking this :D It makes it feel like a Cinema!

- Audio Portal. You can choose what songs to listen to, or have the option to turn it off, Sweet!

- And last of all, Siggys. These are a lot better, since they are wider. You can fit more stuff on em now!

Feel free to post Comments and Opinions.

"Peace Out."

Redisign Opinions.